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will be totally based on technological invention which also includes various other programs such as commercial, job interviews, smart gadgets, smart city conferences, smart children park and many more.

This event highlights the innovative idea and encourages the youth towards developed of technology of their own creation. ICT Expo will also be a great commercial event in which many commercial stalls will be added based on smart gadgets, Machines, Motors, etc. This event has attraction in all the sectors highlighting the participation of children’s to adults.


Highlighting the present situation of our country in technological background in comparison with other countries we lack in this sector among different aspects. Providing opportunities and encouraging the youth to participate in their own establishment is among one of our motto.

This event will lead youths of generation into a good path. We also provide commercial opportunity to the companies and make their product familiar among us. As in this event all the students of schools and colleges will make participation this event will be great opportunity to pass good vibes in technological sectors and others of their interested field.


Floor Plan

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ICT Expo Organizing Committee

Biratnagar, College Road

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M: 9851141348/9842086201

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