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The ICT Expo is the International Computer Week celebrated in different countries all through the world. Its origin dates back to the beginning of the popularity of the computer in business and everyday life.


Choice is one of our greatest gifts. It goes together with freedom. We protect it for anything. The right to get what we trust, what we say, and how we live is essential to all human being. Therefore, learning to make good choices is key to learning how to live a good life. Computer learning is one of such choices. There is hardly any road to success that is not supported by Computer.


Right from operating smart or iPhones at very young age, the need and necessity of computer has become indispensable to human’s life. Based on the craze of computer, different organizations have come out with multiple computer courses following multiple tariffs. But sometimes the costs are too high for the general people to afford. So, here comes the need of computer exhibitions.


The International Computer Week is a computer event which observes ICT (Information Communication Technology). The ICT Exhibitions offer the computer learners various scopes for learning. The exhibition primarily offers the aspirants different avenues of learning of technical education, mainly computer.


The ICT expo is arranged by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTC) where different countries take part. The main participants in this technical venture are many; Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Singapore, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Normally, it is held every year in the month of April.


There are many international ICT exhibitions held in different parts of the world like in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo and London. Most of the ICT expo motivates the development of information technology products used by the government and businesses.

Most of the participants are interested in developing new IT products for the use of their respective countries. The computer enthusiasts focus on different applications of the computer that motivate their wish for learning. In addition, ICT exhibitions let the young generation know which products or application will benefit them in building their career.


There are many exhibitions that are dedicated to show the computer applications in ICT- related workshops, as well as a number of training courses and events. There are a few ICT-associated activities that include demonstrations, master classes, product demonstrations, workshops, interviews, visits, etc.


ICT exhibitions are completed by a range of other related activities. These activities involve a visit to a computer games store. There are laboratories where ICT experts from around the world actively take part or chat with important ICT specialists who share valuable information about the newest products related to IT. A special exhibition tent or other larger venue is used in most ICT expos to display products  fruitfully.


Presently, the Computer Science Field is one of the fastest-growing and maximum-paying career paths around the world. However, this is mostly built on how exposed the students are to technology and resources. These ICT exhibitions encourage the new generation fresh blood to explore computer world and to find best for them.


Every 21st century child must have an opportunity to learn algorithm to making an app or other related things. They need to learn it as normally as they learn different other subjects in their institutions. The parents should take initiative to take them to the ICT exhibitions as many times as possible to arouse interest in them.