ICT World Event

August 1, 2021 , ICT expo

International ICT Expo is an international exhibition that showcases the latest ICT products and services from all over the world. It also features leading ICT companies from the UK and around the world as well as ICT educators, consultants and policy makers from different countries. This exhibition is highly beneficial for the ICT industry, as it boosts the global visibility of ICT products and services and provides a platform for ICT companies to interact with their potential customers. ICT expo also serves as a venue for ICT companies to showcase their latest ICT related technology.

The main highlight of ICT expo is its annual smart city exhibition. ICT smart city exhibition is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKCTC) and is held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre every year. ICT smart city is a unique forum for ICTs and ICT application developers from different countries to interact, display their ICT applications and get help from ICT consultants. It also provides a unique opportunity for ICT companies to meet up with leading ICT policy makers from different countries to discuss ICT solutions and enhance their business strategies.

In the last few years, the number of foreign delegates at ICT expo has been on the rise, mostly due to the increase in the number of information technology (IT) companies in the economy of many developing countries. Some of the countries where ICT exhibitions are held include Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. International ICT exhibitions are now becoming more prominent in the ICT industry and have been a great catalyst for the growth of ICT technology in the ICT industry.

ICT smart cities are making a mark in the Chinese economy. The most popular ICT smart city that has been established in the Chinese mainland is the Shanghai Knowledge City. The main goal of the Shanghai Knowledge City is to bridge the gap between Western and Chinese technologies. Shanghai is home to numerous ICT companies such as IBM and Cisco and has attracted various other ICT companies as well.

At the ICT expo in Tokyo, Japan, which is going to be held from 15 to 16 June, international ICT professionals will have an opportunity to attend the ICT Exhibition and ICT Suite to experience the latest information technology applications and related ICT demonstrations. The ICT exhibition is a platform for presenting, marketing and selling information technology solutions to international clients. In addition, the ICT expo is also the platform for gathering potential partners for a successful partnership. The organizers of ICT expo in Tokyo have set aside special areas for presenting ICT-related products and services to the various delegations.

The ICT expo also acts as a platform for promoting collaboration between ICT and the smart government initiatives in China. At the Shanghai Expo, there will be activities such as the “CSR – Center for Digital Research in Education”, “Smart Government – Smart Society” and “ICT – Asia.” At the Asia session, speakers will present on topics such as “cutting-edge information technology: innovation and research,” ” Asia as a platform for ICT-based education,” “ICT-led governance for sustainable development,” and “ICT-enabled governance.” The “ICT Enterprise Solutions: An International Perspective” event will feature top executives from leading ICT corporations such as IBM, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. This special session will help foreign delegates to understand the benefits of investing in ICT and the need for ICT training in their own countries.