Interesting ICT Exhibitions

April 15, 2021 , ICT Exhibitions

International Computer Entertainment Expo is a very popular, if not quite well known event. It is usually held in the third week of May every year and is attended by thousands of people. This is an international event that is focused on computer games and interactive technology and was created by an organization in Japan. A typical exhibit at ICT Exhibitions includes games, information technology products, computer animation, video games, digital media, and other related things. There are many ICT Exhibitions in different countries, but the most popular takes place in Japan.

DescriptionI think one of the most important things about the ICT expo is its focus on Information Technology. It showcases the latest computer games, ICT products, computer animation and video games. The biggest highlight for this event is the annual Computers Exhibition which happens to be the biggest event for information technology in Japan. The exhibition is not only a place where you can view different computer and ICT products, but it also serves as a place for different exhibitions, educational sessions, workshops, and conferences.

Information technology (IT) is basically used to facilitate technological systems, and therefore, the entire show is designed around this fact. There are many different exhibits in ICT Exhibitions, including computer games, ICT accessories, information technology products, computer applications, video games, and toys and children’s games. The main attractions for this particular expo are the computer games such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Secret of Solstise, and the Star Wars trilogy. These computer games are part of the ICT Japan showcase, along with ICT accessories such as I-Pads and other gadgets such as pen drives.

Another attraction is the information technology booth. Here, you will find several different I-T companies who will be demonstrating their information technology products, along with showing you how they use the information technology to facilitate business processes and to increase profitability. The information technology products displayed here include cell phones, computers, digital watches, software applications, consumer electronics, and I-pods. A variety of display modes are available here, and you will also have a chance to go hands-on with several of these products.

You will not want to miss the video games expo, which takes place between the ICT Exhibition and the Japan Electronics Show. Video games are becoming more sophisticated, so it is really no surprise that at the ICT expo, there are several new games on display, along with established games on display as well. This is the place where you will discover all the newest video games, along with other interactive games for children.

Computer games are the hottest trend in the world of ICT, and the show is a prime spot for all those involved in the industry to show off their wares. Attendees at this exhibition can also receive ICT traineeships. The seminar tracks include computer systems and software, information systems, networking, digital animation, multimedia, and visual communications.